LRL provides a wide range of services for filmmakers and producers. These include comprehensive project review and assessment, business affairs, specific budget or proposal evaluation and editorial review of cuts during post-production. Please note: my fee structure has recently been updated. If you are a previous client, please contact me directly to discuss.

For overall project review, information should be submitted in the form of one or two paragraphs via email. If I believe I can be of service, I can provide an Initial Consult. This will consist of approximately 60 90 minutes for review of written materials, budget and footage, as applicable, plus up to two hours of discussion. The fee for an Initial Consult is $1,500. Additional consult time is billed at $400/hour. If you are seeking several reviews of your rough/fine cut throughout post-production, or assistance with writing (for grants or marketing materials) a package fee can be determined. The Initial Consult fee applies to evaluation of works-in-progress or finished work of 60 to 90 min in length. I screen the work with your time-coded transcript, followed by a discussion of editorial notes, business and festival strategy and distribution possibilities.

If your project or film is “market ready” and something I would like to represent, we set up a development agreement (for projects not yet completed) on a commission basis that is typically 15% of contracted amounts. All license agreements are negotiated subject to your review and approval of terms and are directly between you and the buyer. LRL invoices you for the commission, which is payable as you receive the funds. We can invoice buyers on your behalf and work closely with you to oversee contract management and delivery. A start-up fee of $1,200 is due at the beginning of the representation period to cover initial handling, marketing, and administrative costs. If there are significant changes in the production schedule, we may by mutual agreement arrange an additional fee payment or consulting fees that would provide for LRL’s on-going engagement in the absence of production milestones being met or pre-sales being completed. All other overheads are borne by LRL unless a specific expense and payment arrangement is agreed in advance by both parties.

Submission Guidelines for Initial Consultation or Evaluation

So that we may give the submission full consideration, we require:

  • If the film is not finished, a brief treatment or proposal of no more than 8 pages and a budget. If the film is finished, a 1-2 page synopsis and press, if any.
  • CVs/bios for the primary members of the production team.
  • Trailer, demo or sample footage, if available.  If the film is finished, a screener. Online is preferred.
  • An accompanying time-coded transcript is required for rough cuts and finished films


For the Initial Consult, send these materials only. No underlying source materials will be read at this stage.


Materials should be sent to and/or:

Attn: Submission Evaluations

Louise Rosen Ltd.                                    

16 High Street

Brunswick, Maine 04011 USA


To send physical materials, we ask that you use UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS with tracking enabled.  We cannot be responsible for materials lost in transit.

  • We cannot proceed with the Initial Consult or evaluation until the fee has been received.  Fees can be paid by Square (credit card payments), PayPal, Transferwise, or in some instances, by wire transfer, net of any fees. Once the fee and materials are received, we will send an email confirmation.
  • If you have not booked a consultation date in advance, please allow up to four weeks for us to complete the evaluation and schedule the consult.
  • Once consult time is booked, you are responsible for taking notes or recording the conversation. Recording is recommended.