The Godfather of Sarin

2016     In Production

A Black Eye production in association with Telesgop/UK

Jonathan Gruber

They brought the world nylon, synthetic gasoline, and plastics. Novocaine, recording tape, and Aspirin. And heroin, methadone, and Zyklon B. The Godfather of Sarin will chronicle the vaunted achievements of the world’s largest and most influential chemical and pharmaceutical companies – BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst. It also traces the remarkable history of their infamous parent company, the WWII-era German colossus, IG Farben.

Although one of the darkest business histories of all time, this remarkable story has never been told in its entirety. The film will reveal how inspired ambition and brilliant science were perverted into a murderous abuse of power – all in pursuit of massive wealth. It’s a shockingly modern tale, one that even the U.S. government attests, “without IG’s immense facilities…and overall concentration of economic power, Germany would not have been in a position to start its aggressive war in September 1939.” Sev- enty years later, the corporate culture that survived continues to jeopardize lives worldwide.