Testosterone: The Movie

1 x 90.     GENDER THE SERIES     4 x 60    2021 US     4k HD

TESTOSTERONE: THE MOVIE will confound our assumptions based on binary sex categorization, especially at the flashpoint where trans and intersex athletes compete and in the increasingly gender-fluid fashion and arts worlds, where models and actors are in the cultural vanguard. By exploring the role of testosterone in the lives of Olympic track medalists such as Caster Semenya and Francine Niyonsaba, intersex supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele, non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon and boundary-breaking actor Billy Porter, the film will explore our understanding of biological sex and how that intersects with gender. GENDER: THE SERIES complements the initial feature with four additional hour-long films that will complicate and illuminate the myths and origins of traditional understandings of bifurcated gender.

Kimberly Reed

Kimberly Reed
Louise Rosen
Mark Durand

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