On a Wing and a Prayer

An American Muslim Learns to Fly

2007     1 x 56 min     Color: Widescreen Digital 16:9     English

A production of Unity Productions Foundation in association with Hand Crank Films

Executive Producers: Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe

Producer/Director: Max Kaiser

Original Score: Michael Grigoni

Editor: Leslie McCullough

Director of Photography: Erik Dinnel

Winner – Cine Golden Eagle Winner – Grand Goldie Award

Official selection – Atlanta Film Festival

In a small town in the Pacific Northwest, an American Muslim sets out to achieve his lifelong dream, a pilot’s license. Monem is a financial advisor, the son of a Pakistani commercial pilot for Saudi Airlines. His wife Iman’s family is Palestinian and although initially dubious about the marriage, now accept the cultural differences. With three young children, Iman’s prankish student days are behind her. She’s happy to find time to cultivate her inner domestic diva, wisecracking about her entertaining skills and her husband’s flight plans. Monem’s “green” decision to commute by scooter, only heightens his Mr. Bean-like appearance. In the aftermath of 9/11, the flying lessons are not so easy to arrange. Once underway, it’s a bumpy ride filled with technical glitches and confusion, that Iman doesn’t hesitate to comment on. This gently funny film follows Monem as he works towards his goal, engaging his wife, family and community in the process.