FTA (F*ck the Army)

1972/2007     1 x 97 min     Color: Digi Beta     16:9     English

A Free Theater Associates Production

Produced by:
Jane Fonda
Francine Parker
Donald Sutherland

Directed by:
Francine Parker

Featuring Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Paul Mooney, Les Chandler, Rita Martinson, Holly Near

Originally released in 1972 by American International

Re-released in 2007 by Displaced Films (Sir! NO Sir!)

Broadcast on the Sundance Channel

Selected for Realscreen Magazine’s “MIPCOM PICKS”

Official Selection: 2008 DOXA

IDFA (Opening Night)
Vancouver and Planete Doc Festival

Banned by the military and hounded by the Nixon administration, this lost classic has not been seen since it was mysteriously pulled from theaters one week after its 1972 release. FTA referred to a military recruiting phrase “fun, travel, adventure”, more commonly used to mean “F*ck the Army”. The FTA show was a staunchly anti-war cabaret created by Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda and their collaborators. FTA toured throughout the US, playing near military bases in an effort to reach out to the GI anti-war movement. In 1971 the show went on an Asian tour and performed in Okinawa, Tokyo, Manila and Hawaii. The film shows the Asian tour and the storm of controversy it generated. FTA was seen by over 60,000 American soldiers and in the film many speak forcefully of their opposition to the war – opposition that proved decisive in ending it.

“Frightening, threatening, jolting, angry, disturbing…yet funny, catching, irreverent”  Miami Herald