The Foucault Project

2019     US/UK, English      1 x 90     Color

Is our turbulent world at a breaking point or, a turning point? In 1976, controversial and celebrated philosopher Michel Foucault presented a sensational lecture on power that predicted our current moment of chaos and conflict, describing it as a perpetual war waged through racism, violence and technology. He gave this war a name: biopwer. Now, what Foucault described four decades ago as a threat is in full fury around the world. This film, presented as a hybrid-reality (a mix of performance and documentary), is at once a bitter fable and a fever dream bringing forward Foucault’s challenge that later is too late and that the time to act is now. It offers an alternative: do not resist…oppose!

Antonino D’Ambrosio

A LaLutta NMC/Century Films

Trailer not yet available