Allah Made Me Funny

2008     1 x 83 min     Color: Widescreen Digital     16:9 English

A production of Unity Productions Foundation and Handshake Productions

Directed and produced by
Andrea Kalin

Executive Producers: Alexander Kronemer
and Michael Wolfe

Featuring: Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss and Mo Amer

Allah Made Me Funny – The Official Muslim Comedy Tour has had hundreds of shows throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Tour was originally created to relieve tensions and address negative stereotypes about Muslim religion and culture. The performers are three top Muslim comics – Preacher Moss, founder and executive producer of the Tour, who’s referred to as “a new Dick Gregory” and has an extensive background as a writer for Damon Wayans and Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live. Azhar Usman is co-founder of the tour and a former attorney. Born in Chicago to an Indian Muslim family, he’s performed in more than a dozen countries. Mohammed Amer is the youngest member of the Tour, a Palestinian-American from Houston, Texas who is also gaining international acclaim. This feature length concert film has been shot live at Anaheim’s Heritage Forum and incorporates vérité documentary sketch material from the streets of several major cities.