Al Otro Lado

(To The Other Side)

2005     1 x 70/52     DVX100 42-P     Spanish w/English subtitles

An Altamura Films Production

Producer/ Director: Natalia Almada Producers: Tommaso Fiacchino, Kent Rogowski

Festivals and Awards: 2006 LA Latino, San Diego Latino, NY Int’l Latino, Guadalajara, and Punto de Vista and Chicago Latino Film, and Cine Ceará – – Best Editing, Special Jury Prize. 2005 Tribeca, Los Angeles, Gijon, Margaret Mead, Morelia and Göteborg Film Festivals, among others.

Featured in Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna’s Ambulante Documentary Tour

Nominated for a Gotham Award

2006 Theatrical Release: Special Screening at MOMA/NY, followed by openings in New York, Miami, Boston, Philadephia, Houston, Columbus, Chicago, Tuscon

US Television Premiere — POV August 1, 2006

Selected for INPUT 2007

Magdiel, an aspiring “corrido” composer from the drug capital of Mexico, faces two options for a better life: trafficking drugs or crossing the border illegally into the US. “Narco-corrido” is one of the most vital forms of music in North America, a chronicle of immigrant life and the narcotics underworld – a cross between a medieval ballad and gangsta rap. When Magdiel meets a “coyote” (illegal border crossing guide) who agrees to cross him for free in exchange for a song honoring him, the minstrel begins composing and prepares for the journey. Beautiful footage documents his story interwoven with border patrols, vigilantes and the conditions in Mexico that drive so many to escape. In Mexico there is a saying, “poor Mexico so close to the US and so far from God.” There has never been a more powerful chronicle of this experience.