Rise of the Synths

The Rise Of The Synths is the story of a group of music composers from different countries who in the mid 2000’s, unknown to each other but with the help of Myspace, spontaneously created an underground music scene known as Synthwave. It was the first time the Internet gave birth to a real music scene. Synthwave can be described as music that uses an electronic modern composition heavily inspired by the soundtracks of cinema, TV and video games from 1980’s pop culture. Through the story of Synthwave, the film explores these questions: “Why now, this nostalgia for the 80s? Where does it come from and what will become of it?” There is a secret world out there, populated by some of the last rebels on the Internet, and it’s happening now.

The Foucault Project

Is our turbulent world at a breaking point or, a turning point? In 1976, controversial and celebrated philosopher Michel Foucault presented a sensational lecture on power that predicted our current moment of chaos and conflict, describing it as a perpetual war waged through racism, violence and technology. He gave this war a name: biopwer. Now, what Foucault described four decades ago as a threat is in full fury around the world. This film, presented as a hybrid-reality (a mix of performance and documentary), is at once a bitter fable and a fever dream bringing forward Foucault’s challenge that later is too late and that the time to act is now. It offers an alternative: do not resist…oppose!


Applebroog, now in her 80s, looks back at how she expressed herself through decades of drawings and paintings, as well as her private journals. With her daughter’s encouragement, she investigates the stranger that is her former self, a woman who found psychological and sexual liberation through art.

Al Otro Lado

Magdiel, an aspiring “corrido” composer from the drug capital of Mexico, faces two options for a better life: trafficking drugs or crossing the border illegally into the US. “Narco-corrido” is one of the most vital forms of music in North America, a chronicle of immigrant life and the narcotics underworld – a cross between a medieval ballad and gangsta rap.