Sir! No Sir!

2005      1 x 83/53 min      Color: Digi Beta     English

A Displaced Films production in association with ARTE/France, ABC/Australia, YLE/Finland and BBC “Storyville”

Written and Directed by:
David Zeiger

Festivals & Awards 2006 Audience Award – LA Independent Film Festival, 2006 DocuFest, Full Frame and Miami Film Festivals 2005 Viennale, Hamptons, Mill Valley, Vermont and Denver International Film Festivals

Nominated Best Documentary at Independent Spirit Awards

Opened Theatrically in 2006

US television premiere on Sundance Channel May 7, 2007

2005 marked the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and this film links that historic moment to today’s world in a provocative way. This is the story of how active-duty American GIs, in their thousands, created a massive, unprecedented movement against the war in Vietnam. Through demonstrations, underground newspapers, combat refusals and more, these GIs altered the course of the war and rocked the foundations of the American military. By 1971, resistance had grown to a level of mass defi- ance that rendered the majority of ground troops “unreliable” in the eyes of the government. A Pentagon study that year determined more than half of all troops in the military opposed the war. Yet today, the memory of the GI Movement has been buried. Along with gripping, exclusive interviews with key participants in the movement, including the Green Beret whose declaration “I quit” sparked a wave of GI protest and Jane Fonda, whose FTA show ignited long lasting controversy, the film unearths a wealth of visual material with never-before-seen film footage and personal archives, to tell the startling story of a movement that couldn’t be suppressed.