On the Day

The Story of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band

2011     1 x 83/56 min.     Color     English

A Film by John McDonald

For the first time, the elite of the world’s solo bagpipers and drummers come together to form the Spirit of Scotland and attempt to create a winning ensemble performance in only 7 short days. However, at the World Bagpiping Championships, they will compete against world‐class bands that have been playing together for years, and in some cases, even decades.

Interwoven with the stirring performances are the stories of the extraordinary pipers and drummers who make up the Spirit of Scotland band. The film delves into the background of key characters as they relate insightful stories – some heartening, some bittersweet – and candidly discuss the origins of their passion and their motivation to keep pursuing their musical dreams. At the same time, we watch as they form new relationships while preparing for their ultimate performance.

As with any competition, tension builds as these great soloists must learn to put the band first and function as a unit working toward perfect harmony. In the days leading up to the Worlds, intense rehearsals fueled by this powerful instrument create a sports‐like atmosphere. How will they perform On The Day?