Black Skin | White Gaze

2021.    Austria, Germany      1 x 90/60 4K HD, plus online platform for audience stories

For third and fourth generation black Germans the question “But where are you really from?” is fraught with ignorant denial: of German colonial history in Africa, of Nazi race laws, of all degrading experiences endured. Peeling back layers both personal and political, BLACK SKIN l WHITE GAZE traces how once valued colonial subjects were forced to become tools of German racist propaganda. First in “human zoos”, and then through Nazi films promoting the dream of reclaiming lost German empire. They saved some from sterilization and death camps but the deep harm is embedded in the lives of black Germans today. Three dramatic first-person survival stories spring vividly to life from a wealth of unseen archival treasures, and through shapeshifting performance by black German actor, Langston Uibel. Langston bridges past and present, taking us through time, all the while closing the circle in the present.

Stefanie Daubek
Jermain Raffington

Mucky Degn-Staubach

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