A Small Act

2010      1 x 90/60 min      Color: HD     English

A Harambee Media production

Jennifer Arnold
Patti Lee
Jeffrey Soros

Executive Producer:
Joan Huang

Jennifer Arnold

Director of Photography:
Patti Lee

Carl Pfirman, Tyler Hubby

When a Swedish woman named Hilde Back sponsored a young, impoverished Kenyan student, she thought nothing of it. She paid rough- ly $15 dollars per term to keep him in primary school. She certainly never expected to hear from him, but many years later, he appears in her life. Chris Mburu had thought of his “angel” Hilde since he was a boy. The small contribution she made paid off – Chris went all the way to Harvard University. Now, he’s a respected UN human rights lawyer, dedicated to battling genocide and crimes against humanity. Chris wants to replicate Hilde’s generosity by starting a scholarship fund, naming it after her. The funds will educate the brightest kids in his village so they can also succeed and give back. But Chris is stunned when Kenya’s public schools begin to fail, only two students qualify for sponsorship and Kenya is plunged into ethnic violence. Chris knows well that ignorance fuels ethnic hatred and that education has never been more important to Kenya. The fund cre- ated to honor his sponsor now plays an even more critical role in Kenya’s future.