Anne Frank Remembered

Anne Frank Remembered is the first ever eyewitness account of the life and legacy of Anne Frank. Combining personal testimony, never-before-seen photos, family letters and rare archive footage with evocative contemporary film, Anne Frank Remembered documents the history of the Frank family, focusing on the spirited girl whose Holocaust Diary has sold over twenty-five million copies in fifty-four languages since its first publication in 1947.

Al Otro Lado

Magdiel, an aspiring “corrido” composer from the drug capital of Mexico, faces two options for a better life: trafficking drugs or crossing the border illegally into the US. “Narco-corrido” is one of the most vital forms of music in North America, a chronicle of immigrant life and the narcotics underworld – a cross between a medieval ballad and gangsta rap.

Summer Pasture

Summer Pasture a.k.a. A Nomad’s Life is a feature‐length documentary that chronicles one summer
with a young family amidst this period of great uncertainty. Locho, his wife Yama, and their infant daughter, nicknamed Jiatomah (“pale chubby girl”), spend the summer months in eastern Tibet’s Zachukha grasslands, an area known as Wu‐Zui or “5‐Most,” the highest, coldest, poorest, largest, and most remote county in Sichuan Province, China.

On the Day

Examining war, teen pregnancy, foster care, child abuse and molestation, this vibrant film captures a working class family struggling for stability. Richly photographed over a year from one Halloween to the next, October Country hums with textured visual metaphors, offering subtle motifs that illuminate each character.